Progress over the years, with Addison Tyler

by Tyler Scaturro June 08, 2020

Progress over the years, with Addison Tyler

We recently spoke with Addison Tyler (2026) and her father David about their longtime use of both the Ball Coach and Smart Coach models. Here is their feedback:

Addison has been working with Pocket Radar products since she was 8 years old and has found that the instant feedback has been a excellent tool during her growth in the game. She has found holding herself accountable for her numbers as a personal challenge. Always looking to “do better” or “achieve more”. She looks back at her progress over time and knows with commitment those numbers should increase.

We implement Pocket Radar in our workouts 2 days a week.
• Pitching Day - Weighted ball and high velocity day. We measure each pitch , record, and track for 2 rounds of 8 pitches (5oz ball and Standard ball).
• Hitting Day - Tee and front toss day. We measure each hit, record, and track 1 round of 3 tee hits (low in, middle in, high in, low out, middle out, high out), as well as last 10 front toss pitches.
The data we record we review to monitor improvement or slippage. We will watch the Smart Coach App System videos to review form.

The gains Addison has made over is a direct result of her effort and Pocket Radar’s instant data feedback. I’m certain that this will be a part of her toolbox for the years to follow.

Here are some extra soundbites and notes about Addison:

Current team :
• (Age 11) Frederick Heartbreakers 11UO
Past Teams :
• (Age 10) Frederick Heartbreakers 10UA (USSSA #1 National Power Ranking)
• (Age 9) Maryland Express 10UA
• (Age 9)USSSA Northeast 9U All American Team
• (Age 8) Maryland Express 10UC
Experience with Pocket Radar Products
• Age 8 (Ball Coach) pitching velo 41MPH
• Age 9 (Ball Coach) pitching velo 45MPH
• Age 10 (Smart Coach) pitching velo 50MPH
• Age 11 (Smart Coach) pitching velo 54MPH
• Age 11 Jan 2020 (Smart Coach) hitting exit velo 61MPH
• Age 11 June 2020 (Smart Coach) hitting exit velo 70MPH

Future plans include :
• Maintaining excellent grades.
• Continuing the love and passion for the sports she is involved with.
• From Dad :) “Being a great young lady and the rest will just be icing on the cake

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Best of luck to Addison as she continues to train hard, have fun and measure her progress before season starts. If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email

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Tyler Scaturro

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