Smart Coach App System Review, with Tracy Ybarra (Free Agents Baseball Club)

by Tyler Scaturro June 09, 2020

Smart Coach App System Review, with Tracy Ybarra (Free Agents Baseball Club)

We recently received some feedback for the Smart Coach App System from Tracy Ybarra, Manager/Owner of the Free Agents Baseball Club out of Murrieta Ca.

I have had the luxury of using the Smart Coach Radar App System for the past year and a half. It has been a wonderful tool in tracking my players throwing velo from the outfield, infield, and pitching positions. It's also very good for tracking exit velo. I use it at home in my backyard with my sons Evan who will be going into fifth grade and Kaleb who will be playing in his second year of college.

1. How has training with the new Smart Coach Radar and being able to show your sons videos of themselves with velocities helped them gear up for the season?

Training with the Smart Coach Radar has been very helpful in providing them with immediate results after they have hit or thrown a pitch. They can view themselves and see where they may have missed a ball, or might have not thrown the ball properly. They can also see that their velocity will vary with proper mechanics.

2. What is your favorite feature of the app?

My favorite part of the app is the on screen MPH. It is very helpful in sending recruiting videos. It's one thing to say you can throw this hard or hit that hard, but the videos prove it!

3. How have your sons reacted to using the new tech?

My sons love the new technology, when the team comes together we have hitting challenges, we have throwing challenges. And their favorite is the pull down challenge.

4. Why would you recommend other parents utilize this tech with coaching and training?

I highly recommend the Smart Coach Radar App to parents and coaches who want to have a good time measuring their sons/players results. It's pretty awesome to see the growth in the players numbers as they mature and their mechanics begin to unfold.

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Best of luck this season to Tracy and his family as they continue to measure their progress and get ready to play ball.  If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email

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