The journey to make history, with Lillian Martineau

by Tyler Scaturro June 12, 2020

The journey to make history, with Lillian Martineau

We recently spoke with Lillian Martineau about her drive to make history in the game of baseball.  She has been training hard to get prepared for when baseball returns, and is measuring her progress with the Smart Coach App System.  See what she has to say about her training below:

1. How has training with the new Smart Coach Radar App System helped you gear up for the season?

Training with the smart coach radar app has helped me get ready for the season in numerous ways. One way it helped me is I can analyze which swings hit the ball best, and which swings need improvement. This then allows me to make adjustments easily, and has helped me become a more consistent hitter. Being able to track my exit velo numbers has given me benchmarks and goals to strive for.

2. What is your favorite feature of the app?

My favorite feature of the app is being able to analyze video and get readings on my swings and pitches at the same time. This allows me to make improvements and practice has become more effective.

3. How do you find easily uploading videos to social media to be of value?


By using this app, I can upload videos to social media with ease. Not only do I have easy access to editing, but I can send this video to any social media platform and anyone I want! I'm new to social media and uploading pocket radar videos has helped me quickly grow my following.

4. Why would you recommend other athletes utilize this tech when training?

I would highly recommend using this device and app for training. After just five swings I was able to understand my swing better than ever before, and you can not only make progress, but track it. It also makes practicing with my friends fun and competitive at the same time. My practice partners & I can't get enough of the pocket radar. As a competitive athlete, I'm always looking for something to give me an edge and pocket radar has helped me with that.

About Lillian: Fourteen years old playing for Team Connecticut Baseball, and USA Girls Travel Baseball. Has been playing baseball for a little over seven years, and loves it more and more every day. Through hard work and perseverance her dream is to make history in the game of baseball. When not playing baseball, Lillian focuses on her academics, maintaining straight A's, and playing on her travel basketball team. She strives to be her best self, and always bring a winning mentality everywhere she goes.

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Best of luck to Lillian and her family as she continues to improve her skills and chase history. If you would like to potentially be featured in a future article, please email

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