Feature in Baseball America: "A Key Recovery And Training Tool"

by Tyler Scaturro July 22, 2021

Feature in Baseball America:

In the recent Baseball America article titled, "Pocket Radar, A Key Recovery And Training Tool," Tim Newcomb highlights how Pocket Radar technology is playing a key role in injury recovery and prevention and training at all levels of the game.

Below are a couple of soundbites from the article, including how Shohei Ohtani is utilizing the technology to monitor his level of exertion during pregame warmups.

That baseline of data stretches beyond just rehab. It can help in injury prevention, such as when a pitcher sees velocity drop without pain, alerting coaches to a potential fatigue issue. The device can also ensure a structured warmup routine, such as how Los Angeles pitcher Shohei Ohtani uses the device during every warmup to ensure he is hitting the correct level of exertion.

Medical staffs and rehab coordinators are utilizing the technology to help with player progression returning from arm injuries including Tommy John surgery.

Craig Lefferts, the Oakland A’s’ rehab coordinator, says that Pocket Radar has been invaluable. “We really work on effort level and getting our pitchers back, they have to start slow and build into the process,” he says. “A lot of times it is difficult for the pitchers to judge their effort. I have taken them out of the equation because the Pocket Radar lets me know exactly what type of effort by velocity they are putting into it. Now our program is really based on the effort from the Pocket Radar, which I use with every throw with every pitcher all year long.”

Check out the entire article here: Pocket Radar, A Key Recovery And Training Tool

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