Pocket Radar Team Chats with "Mental Sweet Spot" Podcast

by Pocket Radar September 06, 2018

Pocket Radar Team Chats with

Pocket Radar's CEO Steve Goody and President/COO Chris Stewart appeared on the Mental Sweet Spot Podcast to help introduce our latest model the Smart Coach Radar, to the softball world.  In the episode, they also discuss how you can help improve your players’ mental game by:

  • Improving their confidence with accurate data they can trust
  • Helping your players focus on the right feedback in order to improve
  • Staying engaged in practice using fun competition
  • Focusing on the process of getting a little better each day
  • Staying committed through measurable goal-setting
  • Improving consistency by tracking data
  • Taking away some of the fear of injury by knowing and watching your numbers.

Take a listen:


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