Skateboarding, Science and Pocket Radar™

by Tyler Scaturro February 01, 2013

The team at Pocket Radar™ always enjoys hearing back from its customers about the different applications they are using the product for.  One of the more recent applications that got us excited was mixing science with skateboarding.

We recently got in contact with Professor Adrian Lenardic of Rice University, who informed us of his scientific findings with the Pocket Radar at Skatestock in Houston, Texas.  While gathering altitude and acceleration data, Adrian was also able to capture the speed-readings of skateboards using his Pocket Radar.  Professor Adrian noted its portability as being very helpful to secure the findings in his experiments. 

For more details and future experiments, make sure to “Like” and check out

Keep up the great work Adrian, and always continue to have fun.

We look forward to hearing about more applications you may have with your Pocket Radar in the future, and anyone can feel free to contact us at to share your stories.

Tyler Scaturro
Tyler Scaturro

Brand Manager (2012 - current)

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